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Our semi-dehydrated tomatoes

What ?

Often classified as garden vegetables, tomatoes are actually fruits in the botanical sense. It is a herbaceous plant of the Solanaceae family, widely cultivated for its fleshy fruits resulting from the transformation of flowers. The term tomato therefore commonly refers to this “vegetable-fruit” which is eaten raw or cooked.

Originating from South America, the tomato has become an essential element of gastronomy in many countries, particularly in the Mediterranean basin.


Our supply basin for red and yellow tomatoes is in Turkey, where the harvest takes place from June to September. Our factory benefits from an integrated agricultural chain to control all stages of production.

Semi-dehydrated tomatoes can be oven or sun-dried before being IQF frozen or pasteurized. Our semi-drying process allows us to intensify the taste of the products. They can then be kept for several months at -18 degrees for the frozen ones and at room temperature for the pasteurized ones. We also offer them in ORGANIC.

How ?

We develop the cut, the percentage of humidity, and the seasoning of our products according to your needs. Available plain or marinated, our semi-dehydrated tomatoes are ready to be incorporated into your salads, risottos, pizzas, etc.

We also offer non-dehydrated tomatoes, do not hesitate to contact us to receive the detailed range.


Bulk carton (frozen) : 1 x 10 kg – 4 x 2.5 kg – 5 x 1 kg

Tray: fresh pasteurized

Contact us to receive the detailed range of our products!