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Our own production site is located in Saint-Viance, near Brive-la-Gaillarde. Built in 2005, enlarged in 2006 and 2009, the site has now a surface area of 8500m². On this site, two frozen universes are meeting: The raw universe (forest and cultivated mushrooms, fruits) and the elaborated universe (fried forest mushrooms, individual potatoes, cooked mashed potatoes and also purees, Perlés® and fruit fillings…).

site de production


IFS at the highest level for more than 10 years.


More than 8,500 m2 of surface area for the entire production line.


2 universes are meeting, the raw and the processed one…but also the sweet and salty one !


6,000 pallets in a mobile palletizer (investment of 5 million euros made in 2012 for a new cold room).

Production lines

7 production lines: coating, forming, bagging, …



From raw to elaborated, from our start to today … we have come a long way, together. Thanks to numerous investments and employees as passionate as I am, Gelpass Group has grown and industrialized. We also owe our success to our customers… and to you !

Thank you for placing your trust in us on a daily basis, for pushing us to constantly renew ourselves. We have been on the market for more than 20 years, and we are continuing to grow and work to delight you and your customers more and more!

Our partner Pasfrost

Pasfrost is the historical partner and is even at the origin of Gelpass group’s creation. The family business has been a reference in the production of frozen vegetables for more than 40 years.

17 Hectares

of surface.

115 000 Tons

of frozen vegetables produced per year.

50 000 Tons

of storage capacity.

6 lines

of ultra-modern production facilities.

11 lines

of automated packing machines

Sustainable development as a driving force…

To remain at the forefront of the business, the company is committed to efficiency and sustainable development.

All farmers working with Pasfrost are Vegaplan certified. This certification describes the legal and additional requirements relating to product safety, traceability, product quality and the environment to which plant food chain must respond: phytosanitary residues, …

The agronomy service follows up with all farmers. The plots are visited regularly in order to detect any anomaly during cultivation and to implement actions if necessary. The farmer is accompanied and advised in all stages from sowing to harvesting the vegetable. Each plot of land is provided with a transmission sheet showing all the phytosanitary treatments applied: name of the product, date of application and dose.

Annually, an external organization, the CKC, defines the molecules that need to be analyzed for pesticides. Pesticides and heavy metal controls are carried out at the factory. Each family of vegetables is analyzed at least once a year.

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