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Field side

On the field side, November 2019

November 2019, northern Vegetables

The mild and rainy weather conditions of the last few weeks have been favorable to cauliflower growth. This second harvest is good both in quality and quantity.
Concerning turnips, the tubers did not develop sufficiently. This delay will not be made up especially as episodes of very cold weather are announced next week in the cultivation basin.
The carrots intended to make slices are being harvested for 1 month (50% done to date). The production in the factory is daily. The large carrots (for cubes) are still growing in the fields, everything is going well.
The production of celery sticks is now finished. The quality is good and the volumes are correct.
The leek harvest and production campaign starts next week and could continue until the end of January/beginning of February.
The Brussels sprouts harvest has just started. The plants are rather short (lack of water), so the cabbages are less numerous.
To this day, in the fields, the celery roots have remained small. They will be harvested in December/January.

The winter spinach seedlings (intended for chopped spinach) were sown from mid to late October. All the quantities could not be sown, the fields being too wet. They will be harvested and put into production in April.


Onion yields are limited, there is little stock, so prices remain high. We recommend you to let us know your needs in order to secure your supplies.

In China, the production of garlic “guaranteed not to turn blue” is finished.

Forest mushrooms

In Eastern Europe, the boletus crop is particularly good this year.
In Poland, the cep campaign was not productive. The weather conditions are to blame: temperatures are dropping (especially at night), which is not favorable to mushroom growth. The prices reached excessive levels. The first trucks of ceps from Russia arrive in the sorting plants. This will allow us to have a view of the available calibers and grades.

In general, concerning forest mushrooms, we advise you to cover your needs until the next campaign.


The chestnut harvest has started in Portugal and Spain. At this period, the fresh market monopolizes volumes.
In Italy, it should be the first quantitative harvest since the devastation caused by the cynips (chestnut parasite).
We should soon have an overview of the market.

Gelpass, november 2019.