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On the field Side, June 2022


Campagne EpinardThe spinach campaign is now over and is proving to be quite qualitative for both leaf spinach and chopped spinach.

Peas campaignFor peas, the harvest is still in progress and will extend until the end of July. It remains very variable according to the cultivation areas, depending on whether the seedlings have finally emerged or not. Globally, the lack of products should be mainly on the smallest sizes: extra fine peas and fine peas with an estimated yield of -25%. 

Récoltes choux-fleursThe first cauliflower harvest is just starting with 1 to 2 weeks delay. The quality seems to be good in spite of the drought on some plots. The transplanting of the 2nd cauliflower crop, the main crop taking place from September to October, is about to start.

récoltes Haricot vertThe green beans have finally been sown on time. The weather of the next weeks will be determinant and the harvest should begin at the beginning of August.

Zucchini campaignAs for zucchini, the campaign will start within 2 weeks. This crop requires a lot of labor, so right away, a deficit of surfaces on this vegetable is to be noted. The quantities available will therefore be necessarily lower, whatever the quality of the harvest.

Campagne CarottePlots of large carots for cubes generally emerged, but quite late. Those intended for round carrots suffered much more. This summer’s weather will be decisive for this vegetable.

Récoltes Fève de sojaThe soybean campaign is just starting in China, do not hesitate to contact us for your needs.


campagne oignon printempsThe “spring” onion campaign has not started yet, we expect it within 3 to 4 weeks. To date, there is no concern in volume or quality for the new campaign.

EchaloteAs for shallots, it is still early to judge the quality or the quantity that will be put on the market. This bulb remains sensitive to temperature variations and drying conditions.

Garlic campaignIt is the peak season for Chinese garlic, the campaign is going well and the volumes are on target.


Ceps campaignThe season is starting for ceps from China. Volumes are still shy and prices on the fresh market in China are very high. As a reminder, the 2021 campaign was bad, so stocks are limited.


Apple campaignIn Italy, apple and pears trees are in good health and have not suffered any damage from the frost. If the summer goes well, the harvest will be good; however, there is always a risk of hailstorms or drought.

Tomates séchées
Did you know ?

It takes 10 to 14kg of tomatoes to produce 1kg of dried tomatoes!