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Field side

On the field side, July 2019

July 2019, northern vegetables

The spring spinach season has been completed for about ten days. The production is good in quality and quantity.
The production of cauliflower started last week. Nearly 50% of the volumes will be produced by the end of the week. This campaign looks promising.
The production of peas started two weeks ago, will continue until the beginning of August. It should be noted that the hail episodes experienced last month have damaged part of the crops. The losses remain nevertheless limited because the showers were very localized.
Green bean sowing was delayed (heavy rainfall last month in the area to be sown) but to date, the delay has been made up. Sowing continues (until July 20), but will be 4% lower than initially planned due to the drought.

The emergence of carrots is rather timid but there is no need to worry for the moment.

Southern Vegetables

The harvest of tomatoes intended to be semi-dehydrated (origin Turkey) will start next week and will end mid-October. The campaign looks good.

The production of zucchini starts next week.


The speculation around the garlic market does not weaken. Price offers are very limited in time. In your tenders, position yourself quickly.

Forest mushrooms

The cep campaign (origin China) is two weeks late. In Romania, the campaign started 15 days ago. The quality is not up to standard (high presence of worms). For this reason, the Gelpass group has not yet positioned itself on a volume. To be continued…
The harvest of chanterelles (Eastern European origin) has started, the volumes remain limited for the moment: 150 Kg per day. We are waiting for a larger volume in order to position ourselves. The campaign can still last up to two months.

Gelpass, july 2019.