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Flexitarian, Vegetarian, Vegetalian, Vegan: what is it?

Flexitarian, Vegetarian, Vegetalian, Vegan: different reasons (food scandals, GMO, health,…) can explain the choices of consumers and their food “diet”. For a few years now, the concepts around plants have been talked about a lot. Find in a few lines the main characteristics of these different practices.

The Flexitarian: He limits his consumption of animal products (meat, poultry, fish, milk, …), however, he consumes them from time to time especially in society (family meals, restaurant outings, …).

The Vegetarian: He does not consume meat, fish, or seafood. There are 2 main sub-categories: Lacto-Ovo vegetarianism which allows the consumption of animal products such as milk or eggs. Lacto-vegetarianism allows the consumption of dairy products but not eggs.

The Vegetalian: He rejects meat, fish, seafood but also dairy products (cheese, butter, cream,…), eggs, and other animal products such as honey, gelatin,… He only consumes food from the plant world.

The Vegan: He eats in the same way as the vegan, veganism is in fact a way of life. The vegan refuses all animal exploitation. It is therefore out of the question to wear wool, leather (not even for shoes), silk, or to use cosmetics/cleaning products tested on animals.

One thing is sure, in front of the importance that these food practices take, the signs, the industrialists and the suppliers adapt themselves to satisfy at best these informed and convinced consumers!

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