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Field side

On the field side – April 2024

Harvesting vegetables, legumes and condiments, find out all about the month of April.

Northern vegetable

vegetable harvest parsnip

The parnship started in February, and although we experienced a slight delay due to weather conditions, the harvest looks set to be almost complete, reaching almost 100% of the expected volume. Despite a slight drop in quality due to humidity, finished products are still in line with expectations.

Sowing of spinach and peas has been disrupted by recent bad weather. Only 12% of spinach has been sown, whereas we should be at a more advanced stage. On the other hand, we have made progress with pea sowing, although we are behind schedule. Some 20% to 30% of sowings have been completed to date.

vegetable harvest - leek

We are nearing the end of the spring leek harvest, which should reach around 80% of expected volume, with quality judged satisfactory. As for winter spinach, production has been relatively good, with around 90% harvested. However, quality still depends on the humidity of the plots, with some showing yellow leaves.

Cauliflowers planting for the first summer harvest in July is also progressing, although we don’t yet have precise percentage figures.

Campagne Epinard

Spinach season in Poland is just beginning. We’ll be bringing you more news soon.

Others vegetables


Artichoke production is now complete, with results similar to those of the previous year. There are still volumes available for sale, so don’t hesitate to contact us to cover your needs.

asperges vertes

The harvest of green asparagus from China is underway. Volumes will be sold quickly, as the market is empty of last year’s stock. It’s time to position ourselves.

Poivron jaune

For the time being, yellow peppers are no longer available. We’ll have to wait for the next season (July – August 2024).


Preparations for the new tomato season are underway. We’ll keep you informed of progress.


Fève de soja

The bean harvest is now over, with the same volumes as last year.



Discussions with producers of fresh onions and shallots have now been finalized. We are delighted to announce that we can now offer you an annual contract at competitive prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.