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Semi-dehydrated tomatoes

Semi-dehydrated tomatoes are a delicious alternative to fresh tomatoes, offering concentrated flavor intensity in every bite. The semi-dehydration process reduces the water content of tomatoes, while preserving their natural flavors and tender texture.

Semi-dehydrated tomatoes are tomatoes that have undergone a partial dehydration process, making them richer in flavor and concentrated nutrients. They retain a tender texture and vibrant color, while offering a more pronounced flavor than fresh tomatoes.

Often classified as a garden vegetable, the tomato is actually a fruit in the botanical sense of the term. Originally from South America, tomatoes have become an essential part of gastronomy in many countries, particularly in the Mediterranean basin.

Our red and yellow tomatoes come from our supply basin in Turkey, where they are harvested from June to September. Tomatoes can be oven- or sun-dried before being IQF-frozen or pasteurized. This semi-dehydration process intensifies the taste of the products.

= Culinary uses =

They can be plain or marinated, ready to be incorporated into a variety of dishes such as salads, risottos, pizzas and many others. We can customize the cut, moisture content and seasoning of our products to meet your specific requirements.

Our semi-dehydrated tomatoes are packaged in bulk cartons, in sizes ranging from 1×10 kg to 5×1 kg. We also offer non-dehydrated tomatoes.

Our products can be stored at -18°C and have a guaranteed shelf-life of 12 months.

To find out more about our semi-dehydrated tomatoes, click here and don’t hesitate to contact us for a detailed product range.