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Mushrooms in all their states!


Whether they are forested or cultivated, mushrooms are featured in your festive recipes. GELPASS and its teams have been specializing in mushrooms for more than 20 years, and have chosen the sectors from the beginning from the growing or harvesting areas, to offer you the best product. Our frozen mushroom plant FRANCEP (19) and our dried mushroom plant CPS (46), allow us to finalize the selection, sorting, packaging, or heat treatment of the selected mushrooms.

When ?

For forest mushrooms, the picking periods depend on the geographical location of the selected areas, Northern or Southern hemisphere, plain or mountain… For the main ones, we can note the period from March to April for morels, July for chanterelles, and August to October for porcini mushrooms and boletus. For mushrooms grown as their name suggests, the crop extends throughout the year.

How ?

According to your needs, we are able to offer you mushrooms in all their states!

Frozen raw: for direct use in your dishes or in mixtures to coat. Our wide range makes it possible to make reliable the supplies according to the origins and to adapt as best as possible to your custom specifications. Our latest novelty is the unground morel, whether wild or cultivated.

Frozen blanched: to avoid water spills when they are incorporated into your dishes, they are more practical to use than preserves. We offer standard ceps, chanterelles, and nameko, with fully preserved flavors and obviously no additive to declare!

Dried: for rehydration at home before application in your dishes. We offer a wide range of cuts and origins with the advantage of easy storage!

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