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Field side

On the field side, September 2020

Summer vegetable

On the field side : the peas campaign ended in August. A volume deficit of about 25% is to be deplored, especially on fine and very fine peas.

Regarding the cauliflower, the second harvest should start at the end of September. It looks good in quantity as well as quality.

The green bean campaign is underway. Unfortunately, the heat of August caused the fall of the flowers of the plants, and most of the plots suffered from these climatic conditions. All sizes combined, field yields are exceptionally low. Only 60% of the expected volumes should be produced.

Root vegetable

To date, the growth of parsnips, turnips, celery, leeks, or Brussels sprouts is correct. The harvest period is still far away but the conditions are favorable.

On the other hand, the carrot campaign is expected to be complicated in terms of yields. The more fragile plants of this vegetable have suffered both from the spring drought and the summer heatwave. The fields’ shoots were very heterogeneous and some plots, belatedly raised, could not benefit from the optimal phases of vegetative growth usual in June. A volume deficit of around 25% is to be expected.

Onions & Shallots

The new onion harvest will be completed in October. After two particularly difficult years in this market, it presents itself correctly and we will be able to offer you new pricing contracts in the coming weeks!

Regarding shallots, all of our reserved volumes have been sold. We could offer you additional volumes at the end of the campaign.

However, depending on your need, it is still possible to offer you echalions.

Wild mushrooms

The cep harvest in China is rather qualitative and quantitative this year, especially for cubes. For porcini corks and whole porcini, volumes are stable, and demand remains strong.

Note that the decrease of container flows in Europe/China due to COVID impacts logistics costs.


The picking of apples and pears will end in October, so do not hesitate to tell us your need in order to reserve your volumes at best!

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