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Fresh processed vegetables from Délivert


Thanks to our vegetable processing plant Délivert based in Brittany in the Morbihan, we have the ability to work with all types of vegetables, condiments, and legumes. Our vegetables are available with the BIO certification and with French origin according to the period.

From the classic vegetable from the first transformation to the assembled and cooked product (potato cakes, stuffing vegetables, mixes, …) we provide you with a ready to use solution in fresh 4th range, 5th range, or pickled for all your preparations.


Thanks to cultivation contracts with local farmers, Délivert selects and transforms all year long the best vegetables for your preparations.

Depending on your specifications and of course on the vegetables and the seasons, we can set up tripartite partnerships with the producers.


In order to be easily integrated into your preparations, we propose you thanks to our cutting machines various cuts of vegetables: sticks, juliennes, cubes, etc. We also make potato cakes and bites with our shaping machine.

We adapt our cooking schedule to each product in order to preserve its organoleptic qualities and to meet your needs.

The perfect compromise between the 4th and 5th range, the cuidité is a low-temperature cooking technique that eliminates bacteriological risks while keeping the crunchiness of the raw vegetable. The products can be kept for about 30 days from the date of production.

Contact us to receive the detailed range of our products!