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Citrus fruits for a vitamin year!


Experts in fruit, we offer a wide choice of citrus fruits: orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, and many others. Our range adapts to your needs with raw products, juices or concentrates, and elaborate preparations of candied fruits.


The harvest periods of citrus fruits depend on the geographical location and the variety. For the main ones, we can note the period from January to April for oranges, November to January for mandarins, and November to March for lemons. Our main supply basin is in Spain.


Our range adapts to your needs with raw and elaborated products.

Raw: granules, zests, slices, or even quarters; these ingredients will be useful as a garnish for your fish or salads, as well as a seasoning for your terrines, risottos, or other preparations! They will give the necessary dose of peps to your recipes salted as well as sweet in the heart of the winter!

Juices or concentrates: Our pure juices or concentrates allow you to compose your hot or cold sauces… Depending on your needs, different degrees of concentration are possible!

Elaborate preparations: Our unique know-how of cold confection allows us to preserve the taste qualities of fresh fruit. The fruits are then worked into Cheveux d’Ange®, to be applied as a topping on your products, or in Perlés® to decorate and add highlights to all your savory and sweet preparations. Available in organic and 100% clean label, they will meet your expectations.

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