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Spring fruits

Thanks to a cool to moderate climate and sunny exposure, spring is the perfect season for many fruits! These include red and exotic fruits, which are still harvested in summer.

Spring is the perfect time to harvest and enjoy strawberries, mango and rhubarb!

Fruits printaniers

The mango is a tropical fruit, oval in shape and green when immature, becoming yellow, orange or even purple depending on the variety. Its relatively thin skin can be smooth or slightly rough. Inside, the mango contains a fleshy, fibrous pulp that surrounds a large, flat kernel.

Widely appreciated for its sweet taste, juicy flesh and soft texture, mango is eaten fresh, sliced, in salads, smoothies or desserts. Its sweet or tangy flavour, depending on the variety, goes well with many recipes.

fruits printaniers

The strawberry is a small fruit with sweet, juicy flesh, a slightly grainy texture and small seeds on its surface, called achenes. Appreciated for their sweet taste and delicate aroma, strawberries are rich in vitamins and fiber. They can be eaten fresh, frozen or processed into juice or purée, for example.  

The rhubarb harvest begins in April. It lasts until September. Strawberries and mangoes are harvested in September.

You can find most spring fruits in Nature Créative Fruits Perlés and Purées.

Strawberry Perlé is packaged in 20kg buckets or 500g trays. Strawberry and mango purées are packaged in 20kg buckets or 1kg trays.

We also supply 10x10mm or 20x20mm mango cubes in 10kg bags/cartons.

Our products can be stored at -18°C and have a guaranteed shelf-life of 12 months.