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Mini potato gratin with sun vegetables

Mini Potato Gratin with Candied Shallot

Mini potato gratin with AOP reblochon

Mini Potato Gratin with Cantal


Crushed Potato Bullion with Summer Truffle 1%

Crushed Potato Ingot with Hazelnuts

Mashed Potato Bar with Sun Vegetables

Mashed Potato Ingot with Tajine Spices


Star of mashed potatoes

Star of mashed carrot

Sweet potato star, potatoes and butternut squash


Creamy Celery with Parmesan

Creamy celery, green asparagus topping pistachio


Fors kids : Playful shapes (man, dinosaur, cloud, ...) of vegetable puree.




Case of 4 gratins (4x90g or 4x100g).
8 cases per carton.
120 boxes per pallet.
Case of 4 ingots (4x90g)
12 cases per carton.
84 boxes per pallet.
Case of 4 stars (4x60g)
10 cases per carton
84 cartons per pallet
Case of 4 creamy (4x70g)
12 cases per carton
130 cartons per pallet
Case of 6 playful shapes (6x60g)
10 cases per carton
96 cartons per pallet

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