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Our gherkins

Gherkins, which come from a herbaceous plant in the Cucurbitaceae family, are fruiting vegetables harvested before they reach maturity. Mainly used as a condiment, their unique flavor comes from the brining process, which also ensures their long-term preservation. At Gelpass, we’ve developed a gherkin supply in which every stage is monitored to ensure a quality product.

Origin and supplier: From the Himalayas to India

Gherkins have their roots in the Himalayas and India, the main cradle of their worldwide production. At Gelpass, we have established a privileged partnership with a supplier in India, collaborating with 26 partner factories, 580 employees and 40,000 farms, each devoting 2,000 square meters to gherkin cultivation.

Logistics and delivery times: a smooth process


The transport of gherkins from India to Europe is meticulously planned. The transit time, from loading to available product, is two months, including sea transport and quality control. We have recently commissioned a new warehouse in Europe, located in France, close to the Dunkirk container terminal, where storage and order picking are carried out.

Market challenges: a delicate balance between demand and harvest

Gherkins face an unbalanced market, with growing demand and limited harvests. Fluctuations in harvests play a crucial role in the availability of gherkins on the market.

Year-round availability: a preservation advantage

Thanks to the way they’re preserved, our gherkins are available all year round, adding a touch of freshness and crunch to your dishes, whatever the season.


Gherkins are harvested twice a year. The first harvest, validated in December, enables delivery to customers between March and September. The larger harvest, validated in May, is scheduled for delivery between September and February.

Gelpass variety: 9 references

Gelpass offers a variety of 9 gherkin references, each offering a unique taste experience. Processed and cut into cubes, rounds or slices, our pickles are available in natural vinegar brine or sweet brine, offering options ranging from classic to sweet and sour.


Gherkins, practical packaging: barrels and bags

To transport our gherkins, we use barrels and bags, available for purchase by the pallet. This packaging guarantees the freshness and quality of our products throughout their transit from India to your kitchen.

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