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On the field side, October 2020

October 2020 : northern vegetables

The 2nd cauliflower harvest will continue until the end of November. It is premature to give a definitive opinion on the yields. Rainfall in the coming weeks will be a determining factor.

The carrot campaign has just started and will last until the end of the year. The big shortages of volumes announced previously, due to the spring and summer drought, are confirmed. Harvesting is currently difficult due to the heavy rains of the last few weeks which have made it difficult for agricultural machinery to access the fields. To date, a minimum shortfall of -30% is estimated.

The potato season is finished and has been good. Turnip plants have suffered more from the drought. Concerning leeks, celeriac, celery, Brussels sprouts, and parsnips, the harvest has not yet started but looks to be good in view of the plots.

Southern vegetables

The broccoli harvest has just started, a few weeks late, and to date is correct in terms of quality and quantity. However, the end of the campaign remains very tense, stocks being very low.


The market is stable, do not hesitate to consult us on spot offers as well as on contracts!


Porcini harvests in eastern Europe are below the expected volumes, due to the weather and sanitary conditions experienced in the last months. Availability is very limited and the quality of ceps is rather average. The next expected growth will be of Russian origin.


Trees, both in Portugal and in Spain, are beginning to be attacked by cynipids, insects causing a disease known as chestnut cipher. It is difficult at this time to assess the damage that this will cause to the harvest, especially in Spain.
In addition, as collateral damage of the COVID, it is still difficult to find workers for these productions.
Finally, the weather in the coming weeks will be decisive for the final growth of the fruit.

Gelpass, october 2020.