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Field side

On the field side, November 2020

Field side :

Northern Vegetables

The second cauliflower harvest is late in the coming. There is still about 10% of the volume to be harvested, hoping that the first frosts will not harm the yields. For the moment the campaign is good in quality and quantity.

CarotteConcerning carrots, the expected poor yields, of the order of minus 30% of volumes, are unfortunately confirmed. The humidity in the fields complicates the harvesting. The campaign is already well underway for round carrots and is just beginning for large carrots, used to make your cubed carrots. This one should extend until the end of December.

The Brussels sprouts and leeks harvests are going well. The turnip and parsnip harvests should start at the end of December and be completed by the end of January.

Southern vegetables

The broccoli harvest is in progress and is going well. The end of the campaign remains tense, the residual stocks from the previous year being non-existent.


The onion harvest is still in progress, as temperatures have been relatively warm for the season. It is going well with good volumes in Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany. To date, two factors are slightly disrupting this market: BREXIT effective in January, resulting in strong demand towards England, and COVID which generates a lack of visibility on the needs of the distribution and catering markets at the European level. It should however remain stable over the coming months.
A usual tension will be expected from mid-December to mid-January, following the annual closures of factories and peeling stations for the holidays. Be careful to anticipate your needs during this period!


The chestnut harvest begins in our main supply basins: Spain and Portugal!

As usual, it is the fresh market that takes the first volumes harvested. However, the availability of large sizes is important. The speculation caused by the purchase of materials by the Italians in particular means that this market remains tense and uncertain.

Citrus fruits

The harvest has just begun for lemons and oranges in Spain. Fruits are smaller than usual but seem to be more numerous. This will remain a constraint for the peeling stage but will help stay at the volume of finished products.

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