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On the field side, October 2018

October :northern vegetables

The exceptional weather conditions encountered for several months in Northern France, Belgium and Northern Europe (hot and dry weather, see previous newsletters) have had repercussions on all cultivation. Even if it is still too early to establish a global assessment, the available volumes will be affected. It is therefore necessary to let us know your needs in order to guarantee your supplies.
The green bean harvest is coming to an end, with 20% of plots still to be harvested. The production is correct, but the volumes will be lacking.
Concerning carrots, the lack of water slows down the growth of the vegetable, the yield will be lower than expected. A shortage of 15% is expected. The same is true for celery root.
The second harvest of cauliflower will start in October, the fields have been irrigated to allow the best possible harvest.
The Brussels sprouts harvest will start at the beginning of November.

Southern vegetables

The production of peppers continues, quantity and quality are good. The fall broccoli harvest has not yet started, the farmers are rather confident even if more rain would be appreciated. As for eggplant, zucchini and cucumbers, everything is normal.


As announced in our previous newsletter, the volumes of onions available are very low (poor yield due to weather conditions, small size onions). In Spain, the harvest looks “normal” but this will not cover the European demand. We have available volumes for this origin, position yourself as soon as possible!


The rain is rare in Spain and Portugal, however, at this time, no worries for the small chestnuts (intended for the industry), the large chestnuts (intended for the fresh market) could be missing. To ensure a normal campaign, rain must fall in the coming days so that the chestnuts develop.

Forest mushrooms

The cep campaign in China is nearing completion, the announced figures are very bad: between 20 to 30% of the volume of a normal year. This country being one of the major producers of ceps on the market, prices are likely to rise on all other origins.
Concerning the yellow chanterelle, the harvest is good and volumes will be available mid-October.

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