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On the field side, November 2018

Southern vegetables

November 2018, in the South of Spain, the production of broccoli is going well. The volumes will be lower than in N-1 but the committed volumes will be delivered.
Currently, there is a lack of zucchini, which should last until the end of December when the greenhouse zucchini will be available.
The production of peppers is going well both qualitatively and quantitatively.


In Spain, concerning onions, harvests are going very slowly. Raw materials are coming in slower than the output, so the flow of orders is heavy.
In Poland, the situation remains worrying, especially for the first quarter 2019 covers, however there is a little stock for December removals.
Yields are below expectations, contact us to secure your needs next spring.


In Spain and Portugal, the season has been significantly delayed due to weather conditions. The lack of rain in the last 2 months has not favored the development of chestnuts.
The fresh market, having waited a long time for the season to start, is monopolizing the volumes. For the moment, prices are rising among producers. Prices should stabilize next week.
In Italy, the campaign is announced with 50% loss in volume, the Italians come to supply fresh on Spain and Portugal which also creates a tension supply / demand.


In China, the truffle harvest is rather low, to date, we estimate it at 40% of the volume compared to a normal year.
In Spain, the harvest has started. For the moment, the volumes are intended for the fresh market and this until “after the end of the year”. The weather conditions are favorable to a good collection (in volume). Prices for the industry will be known at the end of January.

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Gelpass, november 2018.