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The avocado is a stone fruit, characterized by its dark green skin and creamy, smooth, pale yellow to green flesh. The oval-shaped pit is generally quite large. Avocados come in different varieties, each with its own taste and texture characteristics.

Nutritionally, the avocado is a veritable treasure trove of goodness.

The avocado thrives in warm and subtropical climates. It is grown mainly in regions such as Latin America, Africa, the United States (particularly California and Florida) and certain Mediterranean countries such as Spain.

The avocado harvest period varies according to variety and growing region. In general, the harvest season extends from winter to spring, although some varieties can be harvested all year round. What’s more, the avocado ripening process can be controlled by growers, ensuring continuous availability on the market.

Avocados are harvested by hand when they reach optimum ripeness. It is then plucked from the tree to preserve its quality. Once harvested, the avocado can continue to ripen after picking, especially if stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Our avocados are available in slices, pulp, halves or 15x15cm cubes and are packed in 10kg cartons or 500g to 1kg bags.

Our products can be stored at -18°C and have a guaranteed DLUO of 12 months.

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