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Located in St Viance near Brive-la-Gaillarde, Francep has been offering a wide range of forest mushroom products for over 25 years. Gelpass Group acquired the company in 2003.


A passion for forest and cultivated mushrooms

Since its takeover by the Gelpass Group, the Francep production site has benefited from an investment of 24 million euros. The company is present in the French and export markets.


8 500 m²

of surface area





2 000 tons

of elaborated products cooked per year


5 000 tons

of cultivated forest mushrooms per year


8 000 palets

in cold storage


7 modern

production lines

Francep: recognised expertise in forest mushrooms

Since 1986, Francep has been offering a wide range of products based on wild mushrooms, potatoes, and chestnuts.

Our raw products (porcini mushrooms, morel mushrooms, chanterelles, shiitake, etc.), raw or blanched, are appreciated for their intense flavour and are used in the preparation of soups, risottos, and other cold meats.

Francep also extends its know-how to elaborated products such as poelees of forest mushrooms, individual products of potatoes, and cooked mashed potatoes.



A 360° product quality approach

To meet the evolving expectations of our customers, Francep works on all aspects of food safety. The production site has been IFS certified at a higher level for more than 10 years, attesting to their expertise in food safety.

In order to guarantee the safety and conformity of our products, we attach great importance to the continuous training of our employees. We monitor the implementation of our specifications through the implementation of audits and annual evaluation of our suppliers. 



Francep: a player in sustainable development

Francep is part of a sustainable development approach based on several performance criteria, which has earned its ISO 14001 certification.

  • Reduction of noise pollution: The design of the production site has been thought out to reduce noise pollution towards the neighbourhood.
  • Reduction of visual pollution: The Francep site is integrated into the landscape using wooden cladding.
  • Reduction of environmental impact: The company reduces its environmental impact by choosing refrigerants with low warming potential (rather than gases). Thanks to a CO2 plant for negative refrigeration and a system using R1234ze and glycol water for positive refrigeration, the global warming potential (GWP) is less than or equal to 1.
  • Energy recuperation: A 10 m2 hot water recovery tank is used to heat the plant and defrost the evaporators.

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