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Product and technical characteristics

Specificities : Available in BIO, available in French origin

Conservation : Shelf life according to client's requirements

Applications : Ready to use, soup, puree, simmer, ...

Harvest period : From july to december


- Cube : 10x10 mm

- Slice : smooth - wavy

- Young carrot: very fine cut 2-5 cm

- Young carrot: extra fine cut 2-5 cm

- Puree : 30g servings




4 x 2.5 Kg
10 x 1 Kg
As desired

The add-on information

A study reveals that for 42.7% of French, carrots are their third favorite vegetable after potatoes and tomatoes!* Not surprising given its mild flavour and multiple ways of cooking.

* Toluna survey, 2015. Sample of 1,507 people aged 18 and over.


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