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Field side

On the field side, May 2020

Northern vegetables

The harvest of winter spinach (intended for the production of chopped spinach) began 3 weeks ago, the first batches are of good quality. The warm season has resulted in dehydration of winter spinach, so the last plots have some difficulty growing. Seeded volume decreased by 20% compared to 2019.

Spring spinach planting (for the production of branch spinach) ends. Harvesting of the first plots will begin in mid-May.

The seeding period for peas is ongoing. It is still too early to decide on the volumes but the weather conditions seem favorable for a good harvest.

Seeding of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, and green beans has just begun.


The collection of morels (intended to be frozen) which began in early March in Turkey is ending. Due to weather conditions, the release of the morels was timid. Quantities are lower than the 2019 harvest.

Prices for the new dry morel season in Canada will be known within the next two weeks. The market for wild morel has experienced declines in recent years, mainly due to competition from Chinese morel, which is seeing its prices rise this season.

Southern vegetables

The harvest of the peppers (from the province of Almeria in Spain) ends and the quantity is satisfactory but the volumes are sent mainly on the market of fresh, which therefore brings a small tension on the prices. The next harvest will begin in a month for the Murcia region in Spain.

The last broccolis are being harvested at the moment; prices are slightly rising with smaller volumes compared to last year following strong demand from the fresh market.


The strawberry harvest is complete in Morocco. The quantity is satisfactory and the quality is excellent.
There are strong tensions on the lemons and oranges market, due to an out-of-standard consumption in the fresh market during this period of containment leading to a price increase.

Other products

The black fungus and shiitake are cultivated mushrooms, so their shoots do not suffer from climatic hazards. However, demand remains high.

The same goes on for water chestnut, which is in high demand following the reopening of Chinese restaurants and shops. We help you position yourself quickly. The new soybean campaign will start in mid-July.

Setting up garlic and shallot seedlings did not suffer from the health crisis in China, and weather conditions are rather favorable for a good season. In contrast to Poland, where onions suffered drought for April production.