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On the field side, January 2020

January 2020, northern vegetables

The production of round carrots is finished, the volumes are suitable. Concerning large carrots (for cubes), the harvest is being completed, the quality is good.
Cauliflowers have been harvested, the quality is good and the volumes are satisfactory.
There is still 30% of leeks in the ground that will be picked up during March. It is still too early to say what the final volumes will be.
Celery root is being harvested and will be available at the end of January. The quality is good and the volumes have been reached.
In general, the harvests are satisfactory even if there is a slight decrease in volume compared to a normal year.


70% of onions come from the Netherlands following the increase in Polish production costs. At present, only the red onion market remains unstable


This year, the rains have allowed us to collect large chestnuts. Thanks to better harvests, some volume remains available.
Do not hesitate to contact us if needed!


Concerning the harvest of lemons, the volumes are for the moment lower than N-1. The stock of co-products (juice, concentrates …) is more important following the processing of the Spanish harvest in 2019.
The price of Maltese oranges should be similar to N-1. Trade is slowed down due to rainy weather and port strikes in France.

Black truffle

The production of black truffles will end soon. In France the volumes are very small, compared to Spain where the quantity is sufficient and of good quality.
In the context of your calls for tender, we advise you to position yourself quickly.

Gelpass, January 2020.