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Field side

On the field side, December 2021

Northern vegetables

The 2nd cauliflower harvest was completed at the end of November. It was rather good in terms of quality and quantity.

The round carrot campaign is well advanced and looks good.

In contrast, the harvest of large carrots, intended for processing into cubes, has been interrupted by heavy rains in recent weeks. Up to 150 mm of rainfall was recorded depending on the growing area.
Many plots have been flooded or are too wet to allow farm machinery to harvest. As a result, there is a risk of rotting in the fields.
The weather to come, in terms of frost or rainfall, will therefore be decisive. To date, only 25% of the plots have been harvested.

Poireaux détouré The leek, turnip and Brussels sprouts campaigns are well advanced and going well.

celeri-rave For the last root vegetables to be worked, the harvests will take place from January for celery rave, until the end of March for parsnips.

Southern vegetables

Poivrons tricolores The harvest of peppers and broccoli is in progress, the quantities are not up to our expectations but these can still evolve in the next 15 days.


pomme verte Like other fruits and vegetables, the negotiation margins for apples for processing are low.
This is due to the soaring price of freight from Asia, which pushes European manufacturers to hold their supplies in Europe, but also to the low residual stocks from the previous season.


Since a few weeks, the chestnut harvest has started in Spain and Portugal. The quality of frozen and fresh chestnuts is not as good as expected and the volumes delivered are lower than those ordered. Moreover, the fresh market is monopolizing the volumes.

For water chestnuts:
Despite the 20% increase in cultivated area in China; Dry weather in Guangxi region has reduced the yield by more than 40%. We will have a definitive view of the crop situation by the end of December / beginning of January.

Paris Mushroom

Champignon de Paris The tensions that have already been great for the last 3 years, on the supply of fresh mushrooms from mushroom farms to processing plants, continue to increase and destabilize this market.
The lack of fresh material and its valorisation, remains the first constraint to allow the production of the increasing volumes of finished products requested.

Additional information

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