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Our policy for managing good agricultural practices

Policy for managing, with our partner Pasfrost, we set up a plot monitoring system for our crops (plot sheets and crop contracts) in 1999. Since then, the reduction of inputs* has been a key point in our agronomic management.

Each vegetable benefits from an adapted action plan in order to regulate the use of pesticides (fungicides, insecticides,…) and other inputs according to the climatic risks and the sensitivities of each species (diseases/threats).

  • 4 collaborators affiliated to the agronomic department
  • 700 producers under contract
  • 6,800 hectares of cultivation
  • 100% of producers are Vegaplan certified

*Inputs : Are called “inputs” the various products brought to the land and crops, which do not come from the farm or its proximity.
Inputs are not naturally present in the soil, they are added to it.

Gelpass policy for managing.